Bagels – not just for breakfast…

Sure – we love ‘em toasted with butter & Apple Valley strawberry jam OR with  just the perfect spread of veggie cream cheese… but our bagels are for more than just breakfast! We make great lunch sandwiches with fresh veggies, our house blended cream cheeses and a great selection of deli meats & cheeses. They make great take-now eat-later sandwiches if you are on the go in the morning.

Bagel platters can turn even the most hohum meeting into a celebration. Well, maybe not – but it doesn’t hurt to bring bagels & cream cheese if you are holding your staff captive for a 2 hour meeting.

Most of all – we love bagels as a celebration. We are always thrilled when people order up a dozen or more for their wedding brunches, birthday parties & family gatherings. Our heart shaped bagels & X’s & O’s are really cute for wedding showers or morning after brunch. We’d love to put together a custom order for your special day! Give us a call – five 4 one 3 eight six 21 twenty-three.


Winter hours, Meadows perks & more…

Being a small business in a small town that relies heavily on our fabulous tourists and visitors, means that off seasons can be a little challenging… starting January 1st, Hood River Bagel is closed on Wednesday until the season picks up. We open at 7am daily & try to stay open until 2pm – or until we sell out of bagels!

Heading to Mt. Hood Meadows for some of the great late winter snow? Flash your pass (or mention it – we trust you!) at the register & enjoy $1 off our locally roasted Pacific Rim coffee or Steven Smith Tea. This includes our drip coffee & excellent espresso drinks.

Our bagels are truly a labor of love – we make all of our dough in-house and boil and bake daily. We use high quality ingredients - Shepherd’s Grain High Gluten and Whole Wheat Flours, yeast, Hood River water, cane sugar and other fine quality fruits, veggies, spices, etc! We strive to minimize waste and have a pretty tight baking schedule to keep from having excess inventory left over each day. It might be frustrating to find a limited selection late in the day – but that’s our goal. If you know you need bagels – call it in the night before & we’ll have exactly what you’re looking for you ready to go. Otherwise, your best bet is to come in early or call ahead for our daily selections.

Need to reach us or place an order? Call the shop 541 three eight 6 two one 23 OR send an email directly – hoodriverbagel AT gmail dot com. All comments on our site are ending up in spam…

Peace, love & bagels from Hood River!

Bagel Baskets!

Did you know that you could put together a great breakfast for the office or your customers with one of our bagel baskets? Bagels, cream cheese, local snacks & fresh fruit…whatever you need! It’s an impressive presentation and very affordable! Let us know what you need and we’ll get it ready for you!