Shop Local for the Holidays & Everyday!

While your out doing your holiday shopping – remember all the great resources we have in the Gorge for local gifts. Gorge Owned ( is doing a great GOLocal promo to reward you for your efforts! Plus – there are a lot of fun prizes on their online auction.

How do bagels make a great local gift? Here are our tips:

1) Last minute invite? Nothing says ‘thank you’ to your host or hostess like a GIFT CARD to Hood River Bagel! Available in whatever denomination you need – it’s a great way to let someone treat themself to a bagel and a cup of our great locally roasted, fairly traded organic coffee from Pacific Rim Coffee Roasters.

2) Weekend away? A baker’s dozen (13 for $10!) plus some of our yummy cream cheese make a great gift. And chances are good you’ll get to eat some of the bagels yourself!

3) Over the River & Through the Woods? Keep your carful happy and full with bagels, sandwiches, drinks and local treats from the shop. We open at 7 AM for those early morning departures!

4) Need to feed a office or houseful of folks? One (or two) of our bagel platters can do the trick. We will slice and arrange your bagels with your choice of cream cheeses. Add some of our delicious sliced deli meats and cheeses and you’ve got an easy and affordable meal for many.

5) Corporate Gifts? Need to say thanks to a lot of customers or employees? We offer a customize gift card program that allows you to give logo’d gift cards in your choice of denominations. We can also put together fabulous gift baskets that include our bagels, cream cheese, local fruit, teas, coffees and other tasty treats. Let us know how we can help!

For more information – email

Or call the shop: 541-386-2123.


Bagel Aloha

We’re hanging on to the spirit of summer here at Hood River Bagel! We’ve got a fun line up of new bagels, cream cheeses & sandwiches that are inspired by the flavors of the islands – pineapple, mango, banana, mac nut – even spam!

Here’s a sampling of what’s new:

Mac Nut Cream Cheese – Cream cheese blended with roasted macadamia nuts, dark chocolate chips and flaked coconut

Hawaiian Tropic Bagel – A bagel made with banana, pineapple, mango & coconut

da Local – Egg, pineapple, SPAM, and cheese served on a bagel of your choice

Open Aloha – Bagel of your choice topped with ham, pineapple & mozzarella cheese – broiled open face

We’ve also got our fabulous frozen fruit smoothies – banana, mango, pineapple, strawberry or Oregon berry – try one or mix ‘em up!

Come on in and let our new menu items take you on an instant trip to the islands! While you you are in – register to win a trip to Hawaii courtesy of Maupin Stoves & Spas and the radio stations of BiCoastal Media!



What’s new at the Bagel Shop?

The summer season coming to a close… it’s a bittersweet time for us here in downtown Hood River. We already miss the rush and excitement of our summer visitors, but it’s nice to take some time to chat with our local customers that get lost in the mix during the busy times. The changing seasons also brings the last flavors of summer – ripe pears & peaches, and the first taste of fall – ripening pears and soon apples.

We’ve got the time now to explore these flavors – with great inspiration from our coworkers. Becky brought in pear butter – and after mixed with cream cheese we thought of some ways to bring this to our customers in house. We’re starting with local peaches, slow roasting them in our oven with spices to concentrate the flavors and then blending into cream cheese. Voila – Spiced Peach cream cheese!

We love the start of football season – and to celebrate Tiffany brings us our Buffalo-Blue Cheese cream cheese blend. A great mix of Frank’s red Hot sauce, Oregon Blue Cheese from Rogue Creamery and cream cheese. Great as a dip or on a bagel (I’m thinking onion!) or as a spread like on our featured sandwich – turkey or chicken with provolone and pepperoncinis on the bagel of your choice!

We’ve also got an old favorite making a return – Lemon Poppyseed. Fresh lemon zest adds the finishing note to this great bagel. Try it with the new peach cream cheese or with our strawberry cream cheese.

Drop by for these treats & keep a look out for new surprises on the horizon…

Fresh Bagels – Every Day!

What makes us different from other places with bagels? We do it everyday.

    Bagels  in the kettle…

Well mostly. We take Easter, Thanksgiving & Christmas off. And maybe another day here and there. BUT – for the most part – we are here every morning, hours before the shop opens at 6:00 AM – boiling and baking our bagels. We also make all our own dough – no shortcuts! While many of our bagels are made from plain bagel dough, we also make whole-wheat, cinnamon-sugar, cinnamon-raisin, blueberry, tomato-basil, onion, jalapeno-cheddar & the seasonal bagels. All different formulas – all made individually.

Summertime means that we make almost double the number of bagels that we do in the winter – and we are trying to find the right number of bagels without having too many left over at the end of the day. So – if you see the “Sorry Sold Out” sign up a bit in the next few weeks – please be patient. We’re working on making enough bagels to meet your needs! Want to make sure we’ve got the bagels you want? Call the hotline & leave our baker a message – we’ll have them ready for you - 541 386 2123.

A Note About Gluten Free Bagels – We make them every Friday morning. Bagels are normally a high-gluten product and ours are no exception. For our Gluten-Free friends, we have developed a recipe with rice flour, quinoa flour, potato starch, almond meal, xanthan gum, sugar, salt, olive oil, yeast, egg whites & water. We store our GF ingredients in sealed bins to minimize atmospheric contact. We also make them in the front of the house where we don’t process as many other flour products. The mixer is sanitized, and the dough is kept isolated from gluten-loaded products. The bagels get boiled 1st thing – before any thing else hits the kettle – and baked on their own pans by themselves. If you are sensitive to any trace amount of gluten – then you probably don’t hang around traditional bagel shops, anyway. If you are elimnating most gluten from your diet – you should give them a try! Fresh on fridays – frozen if any left over for the week. Questions – give us a call 541 dash 386 dash 2123 or drop an email hoodriverbagel at gmail dot com.

Hood River Bagel is conveniently located in the Scenic Columbia River Gorge – just an hour east of Portland! Make us part of your visit to the Gorge!


Springtime in the Gorge!

The blossoms are raining down, the bulbs are bursting like earthen rainbows, the gardens are getting planted and the Gorge Grown Farmers Market is kicking off the season… We turn our thoughts here at the shop to staffing up for the busier spring & summer months. And to bringing more local produce into play in the bagels and other offerings we make.

Like greedy squirrels, we stocked away peaches, berries and dried cherries from last season. We’ve been using them sparingly, bringing a taste of summer to the forefront in bagels and other treats. This week, we made delicious blueberry and peach galettes – from local fruit frozen from last summer. This weekend we feature a white-chocolate & oregon berry cheesecake from our returning baker & manager Tiffany. We hope to add these treats into the mix – galettes during the week, cheesecakes as we can and scones & cinnamon rolls too…

We are also looking forward to sourcing some local produce for more variety in seasonal bagel flavors. An herbes de provence inspired bagel. A roasted winter squash bagel. Different spreads & cream cheese blends. We are working on relationships with some local farmers for the season. For the latest news on bagel flavors – please follow us on twitter: @hoodriverbagel or on Facebook:

Thanks for your support!

Local Love

When we get the chance to source local – we take it. Sometimes local means the coffee roasted just down the street & sometimes it means sourcing flour from a regional producer – maybe a hundred miles away or so – but that’s o.k.

We choose to get our special high-gluten flour from Shepherd’s Grain - a group of family farmers that are dedicated to sustainable agriculture. It may cost a little more, but we think that’s o.k. Does it make our bagels taste better? We like to think so. Do we feel better about ourselves for supporting regional, responsible farmers? Definitely. Check out their website and look for their logo where you buy artisanal bread.

Speaking of local – we’ve got some yummy scones on hand for a limited time – made with locally grown & dried cherries. And lots of butter & love. We will be making a variety of scones & baking them during the weekdays. On weekends – look for our delicious cinnamon rolls.


Local Canned Salmon: We have a few jars left of local salmon – caught & canned last summer. Our source is legit – Our guy Doug runs the stand in the summer out in front of WindDance and sells fresh fish to local restaurants. We get the smoked salmon for our cream cheese spread from him, too. Folks ask what to do with canned salmon. It’s great out of the jar on bagels or crackers. We use it at home to make yummy salmon cakes. We’ll have the recipe at the shop.  Get it while you ‘can’!


Bagel Dogs are Back!

And they are even more delicious than ever. Take a look:

The “Dogs” are near foot-long frankfurters from Olympic Provisions in Portland, OR.  They are made from locally sourced pork and are amazing. The dogs are hand-wrapped in bagel dough and boiled and baked until golden. Crisp on the outside, with chewy dough and the delicious dog inside. Yum. We’re featuring these Fridays-Sundays and selling ‘em for $5 a pop with your choice of chips. While they last…